Sleep deprived? Not these two

My night...Put Bentley to bed and then an hour later put McCoy to bed and then an hour later go to bed myself. Sometime around three I wake up to feed and put Bentley back to bed, then before I go back to bed, I pick up McCoy who has snuck in my bed and take him back to his own bed where he wakes up and insist I snuggle him so I do and I end up falling asleep in his room for an hour and then I am awakened by Bentley's cries so I go and sooth her back to sleep and finally get back into my own bed and fall asleep. I do this song and dance one more time and at some point finally fall asleep in my own bed. And yet after all that...this is what I find in my bed when I awake! At some point I will sleep through the night and wake up well rested, but when I wake up to these two cuties in my bed and they are so peaceful I just can't help but smile and feel content. When my babies are happy I am happy. Sometimes life is just so simple :)


Julie said...

Beautifully put! Amen.

Sommers said...

so precious!! they are worth it!

JimnAnne Ringle said...

Good to know I am not alone with the sleep struggles! :)

My Little Sunshine