Baby Girls in a Big Girl room...

We finally moved Bentley into her own room. We originally said we would move her out between 4 and 6 months. Well, she is 10 1/2 months now so I guess its time. I have just not been ready to let go. I LOVED having her so close to me. We had her all set up in a little nook just off our master bedroom. I was so comforted having her there where I could watch her sleep and hear her every breath. I'm sure she liked the convenience of our closeness too. Actually I'm absolutely positive she liked it because she would wake me up once or twice a night to let me know. I did not mind though because I enjoyed our midnight snuggles. There is something so special and bonding about the utter silence and total awareness of the tiny little warm bundle in your arms as you rock. With McCoy I did not work and he was my only child so he and I got a lot of quiet together time, but sometimes I feel like Bentley gets cheated because I am always being pulled in so many different directions. That is why I treasured our night time snuggles in our comfy rocking recliner so so much. I know she won't ever remember them but I always will.

She LOVES her new room! We moved her last Sunday and this first week has been great! She was a little nervous when she saw us moving her bed. When we were carrying it through the door she quickly crawled over, growled at us, and then tried to climb on it as it was being moved. But as soon as she saw it all assembled again in her new room she was Happy as a clam. She LOVES her comfy bed and sleeps so good in it. She even weaned herself off nigh time feedings and sleeps through the night in her new room since night two. Honestly there is a tiny piece of me that is a little sad she no longer needs my snuggles at night, but I am so happy she adapted so fast and so well. She is such a wonderful baby.

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Julie said...

I feel the same way, soooo tired but sad that the special times were over. Way to go Bents - glad she is sleeping through the night.

My Little Sunshine