My "Save Me" Dollar and other life lessons my grandpa taught me...

This is my emergency Dollar also known as my "Save Me" me dollar because I wrote save me all over it so I would remember to save and not spend it.  I came across it when I was packing things up and just thought I should jot down the reasoning behind its existence...

Back when I was in high school my Fafa (Grandpa) sat me down and told me that I should always carry an extra dollar in my wallet for an emergency. He then told me that ever since he was young he had always carried an extra dollar bill in his wallet in case he needed gas $ or needed to make a phone call. At the time I thought this was so silly because really what can you do with a dollar?  Everybody carried cell phones and gas was practically a dollar a gallon anyway!  (remember this was back when I was in high school).  I headed his advice anyway more because it made me laugh every time I looked at that single dollar bill, but as the years went on it seemed that the dollar would always somehow fall out of my wallet or make itself known at exactly the moments when I needed to be reminded about my savings.

I know I will never spend this particular dollar bill. I keep it hanging on bulletin board so I can see it often, especially when I am window shopping via the lovely Internet and want to buy something I glance up at my dollar and think twice about my wants and needs.

My grandpa taught me many life lessons and he had his own funny quirky way of teaching me. He had so many "Fafa-isms" he put his own spin on naming things and always made us grand kids laugh. I'm so thankful for the time he spent with me when I was younger and the things that he taught me.

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