He loves me, he loves me not, HE LOVES ME!

Tonight as I am tucking McCoy in bed he looks at me with his big beautiful brown adoring eyes and says,"Mom....I love you to the top of the moon and back!" Mind you as much I love to hear this, tonight was one of those nights where I was soo exhausted and I hate to even admit it, but I just couldn't wait for him to go to bed so I could have some quiet time. I thought he was just being sweet to get out of going to sleep. So I quickly responded with, "Thank you son. You know I love you too, to the top of the moon and back down to the bottom of the ocean. But now its time to go to sleep. Good night."

McCoy looked at me with that same look of adoration and quickly said, "NO Mom, I LOVE YOU...to the top of the moon of and back down to the bottom of the ocean and then even to Alaska! And who the heck knows where that is but its far away! AND I even love you to New Jersey and back!" Then he gave me a couple of quick neck squeezes and laid down and said, "Good night now, you can go."

Man I love that little stinker soooo much! My not so teeny but still tiny Big Boy! My heart is so full. It is just going to EXPLODE when Baby Bentley comes. I love her so much already too! I am so excited to be a mother of two. Twice the love, twice the hugs! (Twice the fights and cries too I know, but lets not ruin a good moment :) I have a heart full of Love! FACT!


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Bradbury Bunch said...

How sweet is that?!? Oh how I have those nights, when I'm counting down the SECOND till bedtime-and that it can't arrive fast enough ! LOL And in the morning, I'll say, oh, I'll just do that when they go to bed...but after they go to bed all I want to do is sleep myself!

What a special memory-one that he'll love reading when he's older.

That is just so sweet--and I LOVE THE NAME BENTLEY by the way!!! Can't wait to meet him (even if it is with pictureS).
XOXOXO to all of you!!

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