Waiting for Bently

All our bags are packed...were ready to go....just waiting on one stubborn little girl!

Ok, so technically I am not due until the 10th but my midwife has been telling me I won't make it that far. Last week I had a bit of a scare and went into the ER. Turns out I was just having a really bad day, was stressed out to the max and had my first ever panic attack that induced contractions. But after I calmed down so did the contractions. It's all a little embarrasing now but at least I got to find out that she is in position, I have started dialating and it should be soon. The only problem is we still can't say how soon is "soon." So I have been walking around for almost a week now in the starting throws of labor and I am so uncomfortable and just ready to meet this little dolly but she is very stubborn. In the meantime though we have been getting all ready for her. Our bags are packed and we have just been staring at all her tiny pink things and wishing we could hold her and play with her. We are so excited!

Her clothes are so small and fun. Even McCoy likes to get them out and mix and match the outfits for her. He is too funny. Thanks again to everyone who has been shopping for her and donating clothes! She is one spoiled little dolly now! We know we are so lucky to have such great friends and family!
This is her little space. Our bedroom has the perfect little nook off to the side where we put all her furniture. It will be so nice to have her in her own little space yet she will still be right next to us. :)

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Ta-Da! Introducing the "Belly Table!" McCoy loves my huge belly and calls it the belly table or the belly shelf. He loves to try to balance things on it and just recently found out that he could balance himself on it. He thought this was hilarious! I have to admit it is pretty funny! :)

(No worries Grandma's and Grandpas. He doesn't weigh a thing and we don't do this often)


Julie said...

So cute! Having a boy is fun - but a little girl is just so sweet! Here's to hoping for an early arrival!!!

Sommers said...

how exciting. can't wait to see pix!

Bradbury Bunch said...

I hope you're getting LOTS of rest!!! Even though it's uncomfortable right now! :) You'll need it!!

Your belly photos are GORGOUS! How dare you look so good at 40 weeks! You really are a beautiful momma, and Bentley is such a cute name too!! And all the girlie stuff you have all ready set to go gets me excited to meet her and see her modeling everything!!!

Good luck with labor-I'll pray for you and maybe if McCoy DOES sit on your belly long enough he'll push her right out! You might've just come up with a new way to induce labor~! LOL!!!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! XOXOXO We're soooooe excited for you!!!!

My Little Sunshine