A Boy and His Pops!

McCoy could not be happier! We are all so happy to have Pops here in town! McCoy and his Pops have always shared a very special bond and I just love watching the two of them together, it is very heartwarming. So glad your here dad!

Today we went to the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. It was pretty cool. Some amazing artitsts there. We had a good time just walking around and checking things out.

Gieco boy waiting patiently for lunch...

This guy was so amazing! I swear we watched for at least ten minutes and he never blinked! He did move his head and pinky a bit but it was crazy how slow and focused his movements were.

This is Mac Playing at the park before lunch, just hanging in some trees.

Don't know why this Storm Trooper was walking around today, he must have been so hot, but he sure made this little boys day!

All Tuckered out after yesterdays beach trip.

Testing the waters...

Teasing the waves...eventually they did catch him though :)

Look at there faces. This is when they first felt the water. It was COLD!

Happy as a clam....a boy and his Pops!

Saturday we went to the beach just to walk around and enjoy the scenery. We dipped our toes and quickly found out that the water was freezing. There was a couple of crazy folks trying to swim and after just a few minutes McCoy couldn't take it and decided to get in on the action. He never got fully in, but he had a blast chasing waves and getting splashed. He got knocked down once or twice but he loved every second of it. Then it was kite time. There wasn't much wind but it didn't take much to get the kite up in the air. It was a very relaxing day. Glade and I just sat on the beach and enjoyed it all.

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Sommers said...

I hope I look as good as you in 2 months.

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