Destination Disney!!!

Wow! We had a blast this past weekend. We hit all four Major Disney Parks, (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom) + Blizzard Beach Water park and Downtown Disney. It was all so much fun! It truly is full of Disney Magic!

Here are our Peterson Family Top 10 Disney Favorites...

1. Favorite Park: Hollywood Studios - something for everyone! We spent the morning of Day 2 there. Got into the park an extra hour early and rushed to get on the Toy Story Mania Ride. The line was ridiculous but luckily it moved fast and was totally worth it. We loved it!

2. Favorite Family ride: Toy Story Mania 3D in Hollywood Studios.

3. Favorite mommy ride: The Tea Cups

4. Favorite "Un"-Magical Moment: Finding out that the Magic Kingdom although filled with all its Mickey Glory, is really not that "Magical" for us. McCoy hated every ride there and wouldn't go on anything. I think part of it was he was tired, HOT, and just scared. We watched 2 grown men almost get in a fight, they pushed and shoved and had some choice words. It was not pretty or very Disney Like. Apparently it is not Magical for everyone...And of course McCoy was asleep before we even got out of the park. I also lost a shoe at the water park the next morning. Not very fun on the hot hot ground!

5. Favorite Characters: Mickey and Minni of course!

6. Favorite Rides for Daddy: Epcot fast track, Rock'n Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest. McCoy was soooo not thrilled to let daddy ride that one. Espcially when he found out there was Yeti in the mountain the roller coaster/train rode through. He actually FORBID me to ride any scary rides. Lucky for him I was more than compliant...this time...I had to be. This is McCoy Boo'ing the ride.

7. Favorite good decision: Staying on Disney grounds. We parked our car and were driven around the rest of the time. No worries. Our hotel was themed and fun and McCoy just ate it up. Plus extended park hours for Disney Resort Guests is a nice perk too.

8. Favorite Parade: The Pixar Parade. The night time parade was pretty cool too though but just couldn't match the fun and excitement of dancing toys.

9. Favorite Show: It's Tough to Be a Bug! The super cool 3D Bug eyes is what sold us!

10: All time Favorite: Just being together as a family. Being silly, being us, and being together! It was Disney magic!

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valerie said...

Ok you guys are so cute it is making me sick... LOL just kidding.. what fun times you guys have together...

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