Weekend Warriors!!!

We have been so busy working since we got back from Idaho that we decided we needed to declare a Family Fun Weekend. So started off on Friday with a movie night. We watched Aladdin together and laughed so hard. I forgot how funny that dang genie was. McCoy was terrified of Jafar but thought the parrot was hilarious.

Saturday we headed out for a sunny day at our favorite animal attraction...Lion Country Safari. We let McCoy take the reigns and lead us around. We did everything he wanted to do which pretty much had nothing to do with animal attractions. Mostly he just wanted to ride the coin operated cars and the train. He didn't even need his stroller because he was so excited he just ran from site to site.

I also made homemade salsa for the first time ever! I was so stoked because it tasted awesome! Thanks again mom for the recipe and the over the phone guidance! It pales in comparison to yours but it was still pretty dang good! :) Glade was so excited!

Today we Headed out down to the Miami SeaQuarium and McCoy had an absolute blast. He loved watching the Dolphins from the underwater tank view. And He really got into the Whale and Dolphin show. But I think his favorite thing was probably the pirate ship playground. Glade and I always have so much fun just watching McCoy get his "this is AWESOME" face. His eyes grow to the size of silver dollars,his grin stretches clear around his face and his little tongue starts peaking out the corner of his mouth. It is the greatest thing in the world! We were planning to head to the beach afterward but by the time we got out of the park we were all so exhausted that we just headed home. McCoy slept the whole way home.

And once home we grabbed some pizza and strawberry shakes and watched the game, and you already know we had a good night! :) Go Washington!

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