Feels Like Home

After a month and a half long tour...we are finally back! And it sure does feel good to sleep in my own bed, shower in my own shower and just slip right back into our comfy cozy not as laid back as I thought Florida life. I am already missing my fam back in Idaho and Utah very much but it is wonderful to be back. We got in around 1:00am Sunday night and spent yesterday and today just getting the house back in order and the office straightened out and we still have a ton of work to do but we have still found a few quick moments to goof off and play with all of Macs toys he brought back from Idaho.

We did so much while we were there and I have so many pics but here is just a few, ok more than just a few but hopefully not to much...

There was a also a big FIRST that happened while we were on vacation...McCoy received his very first STITCHES! Yikes I know. It was a scary ordeal - mostly for me. Mac was a trooper for most of it. He was running around playing with his cousins and Grandpa Peterson when he tripped and his head landed on the corner of Grandma Vicki's Piano bench. It caught him right about the eyebrow and just stabbed him good. He immediately started bleeding and the cut was so deep I knew he would need stitches. We hauled him off to Dr. Peterson's Home to confirm that yes indeed he did need to go the ER. So in we went and he had already stopped crying on the way to Doc Peterson's but as soon as we mentioned the hospital he got a little whiny. He didn't cry on the way to the hospital although he did find time to critic Grandpas driving. When we got to the ER he was fine and was playing on the hospital bed until they strapped him down. He let them do that without fighting but when they pulled his band-aid off and accidentally pulled out some hair, the show began. They covered his face which only made him more scarred and he called out: "I don't want to do this"...Please don't do this to me"...."I am not a tough guy" and my personal favorite..."I am soooo done with this." Poor boy, I know he felt every single one of those stitches being put in but as soon as it was over he was fine. It really wasn't bad for our first of what I'm sure will be many trips to the ER.


Korbi said...

I would have been soooo done with it as well!

evjohnson said...

Welcome Home! Poor little guy... what a trooper though... Hey Love Love Love the new background!

My Little Sunshine