I woke up today thinking it was yesterday only to realize it's already tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Man, I feel like I am constantly saying it, but time is going by way to fast! What happened to February? I know this is a short month but I can't believe it's almost over. In the past two weeks Pops has come to visit us twice, Bentley got a new tooth and has started taking baby steps. I was nervous as heck but I survived teaching my first lesson in Relief Society. Glade has been working round the clock with our Realtors trying to find us a new place to call home. And poor McCoy has just been hanging on. The kid has taken some pretty bad falls. He cut open the side of his head running into a wall corner, busted open his bottom lip by catching his fall off the recliner with his face, and almost giving himself a concussion when he fell backwards off the the side of the couch. Kid can't catch a break. And just today he had a dentist appointment where he had a tooth pulled, another capped and top it all off with root canal. But even with these crazy times, we have found moments of good old fashion fun.
First off I have to say how blessed and excited we are that Nana and Pops will be moving closer to us. :) Pops got a new job in North Carolina and we are thrilled. The company he works for has an office in Tampa so he has been in Florida for the past two weeks working and on the weekends he has come down to West Palm to hang with us. I know McCoy was one Happy little Boy.
Here are some random pics from our past two weeks... Mac enjoyed hanging out with his Pops and washing Pops' Truck. Mostly he liked spraying Pops with the water hose. After they got done he said, "Well ya know, we make a pretty good washing team."Bentley even got in the car washing fun. Yes that is a cooler. I just filled it with water and let her splish and splash and she had a blast. Good Ol Redneck fun. She loves to be outside. And So do I. We HEART our Florida Sunshine! When Bents is teething she gets pretty snugly. We feel bad she is sick but we sure treasure those snuggles. Somebody just discovered bubbles. She loves em!
And My poop baby boy. He was in so much pain but he was a real trooper.

I love you baby boy and hope your mouth feels better soon. You have the most beautiful smile and it always melts my heart. I can't wait to see it again soon. :D

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