What??? Where has the past seven months gone???

My days are disappearing like the sands of time. I can't spend enough time with my babies. I am so glad that we decided to keep McCoy home this year. Homeschooling has been going great. We have so much fun and he amazes me everyday and entertains me with his witty comments and crazy energy. He started Karate Last month and so far really enjoys it. I think it is a challange for him to stay so focused through the entire class but he loves it and is trying his best to do good. Poor boy has also been coughing like crazy lately in and out of the docs, they thought it was different colds, come to find out he has some pretty bad allergies. He is on the nebulizer now. Every four hours for the past week. He doesn't like it, but it is really helping him. We told him it was a Darth Vader Mask and that helped a bit ;) And as for the beautiful Princess Bentley, well well. There is so much to say. She amazes me too! She has so much drive and determination to move and keep up with her older brother. She is crawling like crazy, pulling herself up to standing position on everything she can reach for, climbing the stairs, squealing, laughing, screaming (whens she gets mad - boy does she get mad hee hee) and just being one active little girl. She loves to wear her pretties (bracelets and hair bows). She loves bath time and breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner time. Anytime she gets to eat is a good time :). Whatever we put in front of her is as good as gone. She actually had her first fry the other day. I gave it to her to hold and suck on figuring she would nibble and get a taste. Not 2 seconds after I gave it to her she had devoured it and was signing for "more". She can sign the words; eat, more and a form of water. We are working on milk and yes. I think baby singing is so helpful. I signed with McCoy and I believe it was a huge factor as to why he was such a calm baby. I also think it played a big part in his overall language skills. The kid skipped right over mamma dadda and started talking full sentences, he has a huge vocabulary and he also started reading at four. So Bentley Paige is following in brothers footsteps and learning her signs. She also waves Hi and she understand No (doesn't always comply little stinker, but she understands).
She loves her big brother like crazy. He can always make her smile. They have started to actually play together and I have to say it just melts my heart to hear them laughing and giggling at each other.

I know that I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my babies and I am just eating up our together time. I won't leave out the fact that yes, there are days and moments when it is trying and tough and I just want a minute of alone time, but I can't be sour for too long because I just keep thinking about how fast time fly's and how fast my babies are growing up. I am trying to take in every moment and enjoy all that I can.

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