Missed trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Both kiddos woke up unusually early today but then they both fell back asleep for an early nap. So when Ten rolled around I had to literally pick them up out of bed and put them in their car seats so we could go meet some friends at the pumpkin patch. Well on the drive there McCoy wakes up and starts begging to turn around and go home because he doesn't feel well. So we scratched the trip. :( He is laying in bed now poor little fella. I feel so bad. I hate when my kids are sick. Bentley was sick at the beginning of the week and I think McCoy finally caught it. The pediatrician said it is just a 48 hour bug that is going around so hopefully he will be feeling better by Saturday.

On a side note: More wise words from McCoy... ... ...

McCoy: Mom I want an Ant farm
Me: Umm, well you will have to put that on your Christmas list.
McCoy: MOM, don't you know it SNOWS at the North Pole!
Me: Yea, so?
McCoy: Ants can't survive in the snow. I can't ask Santa for a Ant farm because there are no ants in the North Pole!

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Bradbury Bunch said...

Oh I hope they feel better soon!!! My girls have been coughing for 2 weeks--will it ever end? I swear they'll either be coughing or having the never-ending runny nose until Feb/March! Ready or not--here we go! :)

On a different note...

McCoy is SO smart!! He's got it all figured out--I might have to come to him with some questions sometime! What a stud!!! I hope that Santa Claus can figure out a way to get that boy an ant farm!! :)

And I'm glad you were able to make it to the pumpkin patch at least once!! Those pictures are DARLING!! Bentley looks adorable with her fairy wings and tutu--she's growing so fast I can't keep up!! KISS THEIR CHEEKS FOR ME TODAY PLEASE!! :) thanx!! And hopefully that virus bug will disappear forever!!!!

My Little Sunshine