Our little Preschool Grad.

It was sooo adorable to watch the children all dressed up in there little caps and gowns. Our baby boy keeps growing and reaching new milestones. These moments are always bittersweet. I don't want my baby boy to grow up. He already absolutely refuses to let me call him baby boy out loud.
Glade and I are beside ourselves as to where to go from here. Technically McCoy should go to kindergarten. Teachers have said he is ready, but we think he is so small still and young. There will be kids in his class that are a year older and a foot taller than he is. I hate to hold him back but I'm scared to let him go. I feel like either way we might be doing him a disservice. I don't want to start off his education on the wrong foot. Ugh. Decisions decisions.
On the bright side he is one good looking little grad though isn't he! He has had a ball this year making new friends and just enjoying his classmates. He learned a lot this year. His former ABC's and 123's turned into full on reading and addition and subtraction. So far the kid loves school and loves learning and I couldn't be a prouder mama. We just have to work on toning down the social skills a bit.... I have been told he talks to much during class. ;-)
McCoy...You are my little Social Butterfly, my Super Silly Spider, My Busy little Bee, Hungry Caterpillar, and My Teeny Tiny yet oh so Mighty Ant! You are my little LOVE BUG! And I hope you never change! Te Amo Mucho my BIG (*Baby) Boy!

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Korbi said...

My opinion...
I was a summer baby and I got held back a year in preschool before going to kindergarten. I always thought I wanted to be in your grade, but now that I think about it... I was smarter, I drove in the 9th grade, dated my first year of high school and I always got to be one of the older kids. Boys tend to not catch on as quickly as girls, but with your mccoy that doesn't seem to be a problem. So, all in all, I didn't help one bit :)

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