Happy Halloween!!!

One of McCoy's favorite things to do is play costumes (dress-up). He has several and he is really into story lines and he gets really into his characters. We have a great time playing pretend so naturally he was stoked that there is a night dedicated to dressing up. He really understood more this year about trick or treating and he was a little less than thrilled about that part of Halloween, but he was stoked for the costume part. Only problem was he couldn't decide on which costume to wear. Well lucky little fella had several Halloween themed events and parties to attend this year so he got to pick a different one for each event. Lucky for mom and dad, we didn't have to buy a single one of his costumes, it was all just stuff we had or had bought on clearance in the past. So without further ado... ... ... ... ... ... ...Here is McCoy's 2009 Halloween Montage!

Skeleton Boy McCoy (@ A Birthday/Halloween Party)

And our all Time Personal favorite and a huge hit @the Trunk or Treat....

The "Terminator" (XTerminator that is) Empire Pest Defense's Littlest Technician.

RoCk sTaR! (Costume parade @ School)

Safari Lion Tamer (Neighborhood Party)

Basket Ball All Star Just Like Daddy! (Spookville @ the Fairgrounds)
Mommy had a basketball outfit too and was going to paint her belly like a Basketball but it just didn't happen. Maybe next year we will get a family photo with the four of us. I gotta start coming up with ideas. :)
Soilder Boy (Trick or Treating)

We had a very fun and festive month of October. Hope you all did too!


Shay and Kira said...

Wow! So many costumes! I am jealous! I love dressing up too! Shay is not a fan...but does it anyway. Haha!

Bradbury Bunch said...

HOW FUN!! McCoy modeled ALL 4543232543265 COSTUMES PERFECT!! :) Seriously, they're all SPPOKTACULAR on him! What an awesome Mommy to dress him up so many times too! :)It takes work! I love your header picture. Oh you're adorable-XOXO

Bradbury Bunch said...

P-S I just peeked at all your pumpkin patch pictures and read your post about one of those days! I'M STILL LAUGHING OUTLOUD!! Amber...welcome to the twilight zone! LOL That really is strange that a bird almost ran into you, and then there were iguana's in the road-what are the odds of BOTH of those happening in the same day! I'm glad you're stocked up on egg nogg! :)

Hamblin Family said...

Love the skeleton costume, but I may be a little partial. Jace was the same thing- or as he called it-a costume with bones. Ha Ha. Congrats on the little girl- you'll love it.

Jason & Makenna said...

loved the lion tamer! what a lucky boy to have so many costumes and parties!

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