Thanks Grandma!!!

McCoy's latest infatuation is with the Ninja Turtles. It started a few months ago when Glade found a little turtle action figure and gave it to McCoy. McCoy had never even seen or heard of them but loved the fact that it was something Daddy use to love when he was little. Then McCoy found the DVD's of the cartoon at the library and started renting them and can't get enough. We have not however been able to find toys or anything TMNT. Well he got a package in the mail over the weekend and he is STOKED! Grandma to the RESCUE! Thank you so much for finding and sending him that Turtle. He absolutely loves it! And I love my Scentsy stuff too by the way! I was needing some new scents too. That Beach scent is perfect for summer!

And the pictures below are of McCoy playing Ninja Turtles and of course you can't pretend to be a turtle without a shell so I had to make something up real quick. Don't laugh, it was all I had. ;-)

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Erik and Savannah said...

I LOVE the shell, that is too cute!

My Little Sunshine