Sooooo, Friday night we got a call saying we won a Lincoln Navigator! Yea Right....... Turns out we "won" a time share presentation and a scratch off ticket which might contain one of four prizes: A Navigator, $2,500 cash, a 32" Flat screen or a 7 night 5 Star Hotel Stay. We figured we wouldn't be driving a new car home but the man on the phone made it sound like we would walk away with a TV. So we figured that was worth a drive to Miami. Poor us had to go to Miami on a Saturday. :) Well after a 2 1/2 hour presentation we knew we weren't getting no TV. And since it was a hotel handing out the scratch tickets we were pretty sure what our prize would be and sure enough we got a hotel stay and another time share presentation (they throw that in with every prize- they were bound and determined to keep on trying. LOL) The nice thing is though that we get to pick our destination out of 12 different places so that is nice.

After the presentation we did got to hit the beach though and that was great! The weather was perfect. It was overcast so we didn't broil to death and water was just right. We had a nice relaxing time. McCoy has really taken to drawing in the sand which was fine until he wanted to put the sand on my back and draw there too. Crazy kid.

We also had a small BBQ this weekend with some new friends of ours. Our sons are the same age so McCoy had a great little playmate to hang with and swim with. The weather was nice too, overcast again so we got to eat outside and watch the kids swim and play. It was great! Afterward we cut up a watermelon and you would have thought we gave McCoy candy and soda. He was sooo happy to have watermelon, he just started really liking it recently

and he hate 5 pieces! And big pieces too. Luckily he never got a belly ache.


Em & KJ said...

Glade & Amber~ you are a very cut family. Amber I don't know you, but I went to school with Glade and he is very lucky to have you. You two seem just great together. Glade, it is good to see what you've been up to. We will be vacationing in FL next year, so I may be in touch to get some good info. -Emily

Blaine & Angie Hamblin said...

Looks like you guys had fun in Miami. McCoy is such a cutie.

Sayda said...

You have the cutest little guy! He is adorable!!!!


Tyler and Garianne Heward said...

that water melon looks good! Looks like you guys are having fun this summer.

Bradbury Trio said...

Amber~~This cracked me up hearing about the timeshare experience!! NIck and I have been there done that (unfortunetely more than twice)! They try to suck you into it so I'm proud that you came out alive and WAS STRONG ENOUGH TO SAY NO!! :)

It looks like it didn't stop you from having a blast at the beach though!!

And the picture with McCoy and the watermelon needs to be sent into a magazine! It'S ADORABLE!! I'll have to get one of those when Lexi gets some teeth--it's darling! What a handsome boy that kid is!!

Thanks for sending me any info on Bunco! I look forward to starting it up in the fall, so we'll see how it goes! My email is nickiebradbury@yahoo.com

And enjoy your 7 night 5 star hotel stay! It sounds pretty fun actually! Better than anything we walked away with from one of those timeshare thingamajiggers! Love ya bunches!!

Shay and Kira said...

i cannot believe how big that kid is!!! Miss you guys!

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