Hair? Flowers? Phone?

So let me just throw this disclaimer out there. I don't have anything against little girls. Glade and I love love love all our little neices and little girl cousins. That being said....Glade and I knew for sure that we could not have a little girl for our first child. We did not think we would be able to handle all the girlie stuff, all the drama, and all the outfits, and hairdos, yada yada. ;) I must say that really backfired on us. Lately McCoy is so adamant about picking out his own clothes and dressing himself in is own style. And his hair....well its seen some pretty crazy do's. Let's just say the kids got style....and its all his own! Normally he rocks the "dino" spikes. Which is just a few spikes on top, or we do the "handsome hair" which is basically a sleek comover, or else he throws on his baseball cap. Last night we were just going to the clubhouse to work out and he insisted on coming his hair first. And he wanted to have "Rocker Spikes All the way Around..." Picture that while he is saying this his little pointer finger is circling his head and his right eyebrow is raised as if to say, "You following me here mom." So anywho without further ado, I give you ROCKER SPIKES MCCOY!!!

Now, some of you may have hubbies or boy toys who love to do the gift for no reason thing....Well let me just say Lucky You! I love my man to death but gifts out of the blue are few and far between. Actually, up until yesterday they were a never gonna happen thing. Not to say that Glade doesn't do wonderful little surprises like clean the house, do dishes, make breakfast, etc. He just has always said that flowers and small gifts were a waste of money because flowers die, candy gets eaten, and little trinkets get lost. So you can imagine my sheer shock when out of the blue Glade comes strolling through the door yesterday after work with this pretty pink dozen. I seriously asked him if one of our customers was trying to get rid of some flowers or something. When he finally convinced me that he actually walked into a store and bought them just for me and just because, well I was speechless. I know they are just flowers but it was such a wonderful surprise and it really made my day! And my Week for that matter!

The flowers were a big up lifter especially because I was feeling pretty geeked out about my cell phone. Glade and I have the exact same cell phone so we have been looking for a way to tell them apart. I don't know what I was thinking but for some crazy reason I decided to glam up my cell with some sparkles. Well, not only did it take a freaking hour, it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought, and in the end it looked so awful. My phone looked like a Be-Dazzle Reject! And all the gems are already falling off so now I guess I am going to scrape the rest off and find another solution to our phone delima. I can live without the bling bling phone for now!

I have to add this story though: while I was peeling the gems off their plastic casing page, McCoy was so interested and wanted to "play" too. So I gave him an extra sheet of gems and let him peel them off. After about five minutes of struggeling to peel off the tiny gems and then fighting with them to come off his hands, clothes, etc,. He finally threw his hands in the air, wiped his brow and said, "Pheww mom, this is a realy hard Game. I not winning."


Joel's Family said...

What a great man you got. It must be a Peterson thing. Joel feels the same way about gifts. But when he gets them it really is shocking and means the world.
It looks like you are all doing well. Your little guy it adorable. They are so much fun.

Bradbury Trio said...

Great Hair McCoy! Your flowers are beautiful Amber! (i'll make sure Nick reads this post!) And the phone story is hilarious!!! It doesn't look too bad actually~~You could start a new trend!! Maybe put a spiderman sticker on Glades phone and Batwoman sticker on yours!

And what you did for Father's day WAS ADORABLE!! What a treasue that is! You guys are so cute!!

P-S Are you still having Bunko nights? I need to email you a few questions about how you got it started, cause I want to start doing them over here!!!

My Little Sunshine