Projects, Toddler Monsters, and School

Mommy & Me Project:
McCoy just recently got into trains and so we found him small starter track on got him a couple Thomas trains but we found that he is more interested in driving his cars on the train track and turning it into a race track. I am so glad I didn’t try to scrap up the cash to buy him a real train table! We looked around for a “cars” table but found no such thing. Luckily I found a train table base at the thrift store. The base was in good condition but had no top. So we headed down to Home Depot, bought a sheet of plywood and some paints and went to town. McCoy came up with the design himself. He told me what he wanted on his Cars table and then I drew it out for him. I think it turned out ok. Maybe not the greatest but we had so much. He could not wait for the finish to dry so he could test out his track.

Attack of the Terrible Twos?:
Of course I look at these rips in my couch and think, “even though I caught him red handed, my little Angel couldn’t have done this.” While I was cruising through the house the other day trying to get some chores done McCoy got into my toolbox and pulled out the exact-o knife. The scary thing is we always pull the blade in before we put it away but he managed to push it out just a hair, just a small corner of it was sticking it out, just enough to rip the material on the couch. I was so scarred that he had a knife I couldn’t even get mad at him for what he had done. Even worse I was 5 feet away from him and in a matter of seconds he managed to attack each one of the cushions leaving them all with 2-4 cuts each. We had to sit down and have a long talk about sharp objects and how important it is to not play with mommy and daddies things. I am walking around my house now thinking about what a danger zone it is. Yikes. Luckily for the most part McCoy is not really that mischevious, or maybe he just hasn’t hit that stage yet. Oh, help me if it is still coming. An upside is that Glade and I both hate this particular couch. We got it for dirt cheap because it has a rip in the back of it already. We just got it as a space filler for our front room because when we first moved into this house we had no furniture for the front room. So hopefully this means a new couch set is coming soon.

School Day'z:

Well McCoy has officially started and unofficial preschool. He really isn’t old enough yet for preschool, but a couple of the moms in my mommies group have decided to band together and try to help the kids with their basic scholastic skills such as ABC’s, counting, shapes, colors etc. Most of the kids are great in at lest 1 or 2 of the subjects but fall behind in the others so it is nice to give them a chance to learn with their friends in a friendly environment. We take turns holding sessions at each others houses. Last Friday McCoy had his friends over to learn about the Letter C, the Color Yellow and the Number 3. We had so much fun. We painted, read stories, made counting caterpillars and sang a fun song about cookies and then of course ate confetti cookie cakes! It is really great to watch the kids grasp new concepts and even though right now they have a hard time sitting still sometimes, it is really good training for them for real school. McCoy loves his “School Days” and gets so excited to see his friends.


Sarah Stokes said...

Just come home already!! I get so nervous every time I read your blog cuz it looks like you are having an awesome time in Floria and I don't want you to, I want you to be so miserable, your are screaming to come home!! :) I can't believe McCoy got to your couch, it is a dang good thing you don't like the couch... see ya soon

Anonymous said...

You are always doing fun things. Your blog is way cute! We love to come and check it out because there is always something new.

sarakorbi said...

toddlers are sweet and monstrous at the same time!

Bradbury Trio said...

Thanks for the heads-up on what to look forward to! :)

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Jamie Perkins said...

Love the hair!!!!

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