From booties to boots & Little Tykes to Bikes ...

Where oh Where did my baby boy go. He is only Two years old, isnt that still considered a baby??? My baby is zooming through toddler hood and is transitioning from toddler to child right in front of my eyes and I am so not ready yet. I know it is so cliche but every one who said take every moment in because they fly by was right. I cried last night because over this past week I have slowly opened my eyes to see my little baby learning how to do big boy things.Like learning to ride a big boy bike. He barely learned how to ride his tricicle it seems and now is on to bigger and better things. He already thinks he can do motorcross tricks on his bike just like he has seen on the Xbox games. He rides with no feet or no hands or his favorite is riding with one hand. I know I will be rushing him to the emergency room within the year. Lord help me.

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Mastrude Family said...

Wow!! Good Job McCoy! What a daredevil.

My Little Sunshine