Go Big Blue, GO BSU

Now that its fall again, time for the wonderful Thursday night line-up. Glade and I had a such an entertaining evening watching our favorite shows together. We love Grey’s Anatomy and The Office. We also get a kick out of watching My name is Earl (Don’t ask why, we just took to this one for some reason). I love GA, I am so lame but it really moves me. Each episode makes me sad, excited, or angry or all three. LOL. Glade makes fun of me for getting all worked up over my shows, but he does the same thing, worse I might add, for football and I see no difference so that argument ends there. We all got excited for football tonight though. Of course we were supporting the boys in BLUE! We try to never miss a game. They are never on television here so we usually have to watch the games through Broncoweb but tonight we got to watch it on the big screen. McCoy is so funny because he mimics Glade so much so whenever Glade would get all excited MacMan would be right there jumping and cheering and when things were bad there was Mac shaking his little fist and head at the TV. It was hilarious. Luckily there was more jumping and screaming than finger shaking. LOL. Go Broncos!


The Mastrude Family said...

Don't you just love the start of all the new shows...sounds like your house is a lot like mine. Football on Sat/Sun/Mon and Greys on Thurs!!! Sounds like you are having fun down there...I have to say I can't believe you both work out 5 days a week...how do you find time with the little rockstar?
I love looking at your blog...feels like I can keep track a little better at the peterson trio!

momspot said...

I also started watching Grey's Anatomy I have watched all the seasons, so I am up to date and I now TiVo it on Thursdays I don't know why I didn't start watching it years ago, I love it so much, I have to say I have turned into a McDreamy fan!

My Little Sunshine