18 Months

Bentley is 18 months!

My precious princess Boo Boo is getting so big and is so smart. Someone reffered to her as my "trick" the other day and I was like, "What?" And they said, yes, she is definitaly your trick. She is so adorable and cute and fun and loving that she makes you want another one. God sent her to make sure you have more kids LOL.  I thought that was pretty funny.

Bentley is such a silly girl. She does things knowing she is being silly because she wants to make us laugh. She will put her pants on her head or wear brothers shoes and dance around. She is such a goof. We absolutly love her personality. She can be fiesty when need be, her demands come out in LOUD shrill screams but lucky for us she is for the most part very happy and easy and going but on those rare occasions she is not....cover your ears!

Bentley is trying to talk and can say a few words that are pretty clear and reconizable. She can say Mama, Dada,Bubba, up, hup (help), No, Yea (used in place of yes most of the time) and Yesh (Yes) Thanksh (thanks), Mimi (her blankie), E-Us (Jesus), Ameh (Amen),

She also says these words but we are the only onese who can understand: blablanbla (also her blankie) and lambalamba (Lambie her Stuffed Lamb), ame-eo-eon (chamelion).

She is still singing and can pretty much tell us what she wants through combinations of sign and yes no's. Which is so wonderful. I hate those rare occasions when she wants something and I can't figure it out. I am so thankful for sign language and how much it has helped me with my babies. I encourage everybody try it. I usued Dr. Garcias book of baby signs but we also use to watch Signing Time with McCoy and so between what McCoy and I have learned we teach Bentley. It is so nice because McCoy helps her and understands her also.

Right now she loves her bubba more than anything. If we can't get her to do something we ask McCoy to ask her and she will always do whatever he asks. She follows him around and is his biggest fan. I love their bond, he takes such good care of her and in return she loves him unconditionally and supports whatever ideas he has.

She is also very fond of her Mimi(blanket) and she can't sleep without it. She fell in love with my comforter and the different textures it had, velvet and silk so I gave her the pillow shams. Luckily there were three because we have to alternate them often. She carries them everywhere and they get very dirty so one is always in the washing machine.

She loves to eat just about anything, she is a great eater and loves to try new things. We think she might be allergic to peaches so we stay away from those but other than that anything else is game. Despite her hungry appetite, she is still underweight. She always has been on the low end of the wieght scale, but high for hight. The doc said she has to up her pediasure so we did and she gained a pound in a week. :) She drinks three pediasures a day plus her reg water, milk and foods. She is just such an active thing that she burns it all off in a matter of minutes.

We all love our little Princess Boo Boo so much. Can't belive she is growing so fast.

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Missionary MOM said...

It's fun to read about her little personality.

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