Life Lessons

Lesson #1: Eat all your Food!
These are pictures of my 5 year old scrubbing the floor and cleaning behind my fridge. He had to sweep, dust and mop. I also made him clean behind the oven too! Mean mommy? You better believe it. So lets back track....about 2months ago Glade and I decided we were fed up with McCoy's eating habits and so have been making him try at least a few bites of something new or something he doesn't normally eat every night for dinner. Of course he throws a fit every night and is always the last the leave the table since he is not allowed to get up until he has those bites. At some point he thought he would be sneaky and throw his unwanted food behind the fridge when we weren't in the room. When I finally caught him in the act I had daddy pull back the fridge and needless to say we found about a months worth of bite size dinner bits! So I think the punishment totally fit the crime!
Lesson #2: They do listen sometimes.
I am always telling McCoy when he gets hurt that is ok to be hurt because for the most part it means he is having good old boyish fun.

When McCoy gets hurt on his bike or skate board its usually because he is trying a new trick. Part of learning is falling down. I tell him he could lie in bed or sit on the couch all day and he wouldn't get hurt, but then he also wouldn't get to do cool things like ride his bike or learn how to pogo stick, walk on stilts, or jump on the trampoline. I don't want my kids to sit on the sidelines of life. There is so much to do. Now I don't necessarily want them to do it all, but I want them to get out there and try new things and test there limits.
So when I went ice skating this past weekend and came home with this (see above picture), McCoy said, wow Mom you must have been having fun! And honestly...I was having a ball!

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