Lucky #7 Happy Anniversary To US!

We did not get to celebrate like we had planed but as my Grandfather use to sing, "Que Sera Sera".

Sunday was our 7th Anniversary!!! We were going to celebrate Saturday but....

Saturday Glade was suppose to be home for the day and we had plans for the evening but then, well....LIFE always has a way of rearranging plans. One of our Employees was in a minor motorcycle accident, thank goodness he is OK, but Glade had to fill in for him. McCoy woke up with a stomach ache and I woke up with Pink eye. NOT part of the plan. BUT, things happen plans change and I am OK with that. We ended up getting take out, put the kids to bed earlier and then Glade and I got to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie and just enjoyed the quiet night together. It actually all turned out just perfect to be honest.

Actually, it was a nice reminder to be THANKFUL for all the plan changing that has taken place throughout my life because miraculously it has all put me HERE! Right where I'm suppose to be, married to my best friend living in Paradise and having fun with my beautiful babies every day!

Happy Anniversary Amor de mi vida! Te amare siempre y para siempre; y aun mas que eso!

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Shay and Kira said...

I loved your massive blog update! That logo is hilarious and will defintly be memorable! Can you believe it's been 7 years?? Time flies...and Shay had a pretty hard time with 30..he still doesn't like to be reminded. haha. That's so awesome Glade is in the young mens...and not drinking soda?? sheesh. Miss you guys...glad to see things are going so well! Oh..congrats on the home building!

My Little Sunshine