12 on the ACTUAL 12th!!!

1) Time for School...McCoy doing his reading Q&A. He loves to read hates to write. It's a fun but challenging time of day. 2) First song of the day, Bruno Mars The Lazy Song. We love it. (Of course I turn the volume way down during the middle of the song), But other than that we sing it at the top of our lungs. 3) Every Tuesday is Scrap/Craft day at a friends and this is what I worked on today...Little rolled flowers for hair bows. (I did the easy no sew option obviously)

4)On the way home a garbage can dove right out in front of us and stole my mirror! :(

5)Spreading more Easter Love around the house

6) Project time for the kids-working on Easter cards!

7)Dinner: The Giant Chicken Taco Nacho! Chips,salsa con queso, beans, guac, sour cream, taco seasoned chicken, lettuce, tomato, olives, and more cheese simply for aesthetic appeal :) Yumm.

8)Shaken booty! No need to "Teach Me How to Jerk".

9)Bentley Loves her Pretty Pink Counting Purse and Bunny she got in the mail. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Peterson.
10) Bath Time: They normally don't bathe together but they have been inseparable lately. Last night McCoy actually begged me to leave her home with daddy and him while I went shopping. They are so cute together. I am so lucky!

11) Is that Dash Incredible I see??? After bath he got the dash hair do (slicked back hair) and so he had to don the suit too.

12)And Last but not least - Gonna curl up with a good e-read before bed. Just started this one yesterday. It will be my first real read on my new Kindle and I'm pretty happy about that :).


Bradbury Bunch said...

YOU GO GIRL! Way to do the 12 on the ACTUAL 12th!! I enjoyed ALL your pictures (again!) especially that chicken taco nacho...that's not so good to see after working out! ;) Your kids are so cute--that's precious that McCoy loves spending so much time with his sister, and enjoy the Hunger Games...it's a hard one to put down!!

P-S I LOVE LOVE LOVE the family pictures on the sidebar! You have such a beautiful family!! You've did, done, doing good there friend!

Julie said...

So fun! You need to come share some of your Easter Decore here - we are sadly lacking. And John and I both loved the Hunger Games - but we finished in one reading and sadly neglected our kids - we'll wait for pics of Bents and Mac foraging for food on their own in the pantry (well, that's what happens at our house when we find a good book anyway.)

Sommers said...

nice job!!!

My Little Sunshine