These Turkey's Got Stuffed...And then Decked the Halls

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. We Gobble'd Til' We Wobbled on T-Day with some great friends of ours. Thanks again Welner Family for the Wonderful Food and Good Company. The food was great and very plentiful - (we ate Turkey Day leftovers for three days). I made a green bean and a sweet potato casserole along with my annual pumpkin cheesecake that I have been making for the past three years. Once again it was a hit. I do love it myself so I am a bit prejudice I guess, but it is just soooo yummy!

Then the rest of the weekend was spent putting away all the fall decor and getting out the lights and Christmas Trees. We HEART Christmas BIG Time! Whats not to love...lights, holiday music, eggnog, snow (ok, fake snow), lots of festive family outings, and most importantly...finding and participating in all the magic, good nature, and true spirit that is abundant this time of year!

Daddy is in charge of the outside lights...And Mommy does inside... McCoy is thrilled to have his very own Christmas tree in his room this year. This is a tradition my mother started for my brothers and me and I recall just loving having my own little tree in my room to decorate myself and display. I still have that tree today and it still gets decorated and put out. I hope McCoy has as much fun with his tree in the upcoming years as he did this year. His only hesitation with the tree is of course its ties to Santa.

Big Mac is still a little scared of the big fat jolly man. Tonight after he plugged in his lights and took in the glow, he thought for a bit and then his eyes widened and he asked...

McCoy: "Mom, Santa puts the presents under the tree right?"
Me: "Yes that is right."
McCoy:"Oh, well...maybe we might have to move my tree out of my room on Christmas Night Time...because....well....I don't want Santa to come in my room."
Me: "Oh really, how come?"
McCoy: "Well...What if Santa comes in my room and wakes me up when I am trying to sleep?...So...Yea, we should move it out that night. But just that night."

I couldn't help but chuckle. I'm not so worried with his Christmas Eve sleep deprivation as I am about this Santa Phobia. Most kids would love the chance to sneak a peak at Santa as he put out presents but not my little tough guy. We can't hardly even make it through the Christmas displays at the mall for fear of running into Santa at the end of the trail. Maybe one day we will get that traditional Santa Picture but I'm not holding my breath.


Julie said...

Wow - great to see Glade out putting up lights - have him pass some of that off to his brother! I love the Christmas Tree idea - where do you get those cute little trees? Do they come in lots of colors? Missed you at Thanksgiving - but at least you missed all the drama!

Gillett Family said...

That is TOO Cute!!! what a silly lil guy you have there!!! Happy Holidays!!! Send me your address so we can send a card your way :)

My Little Sunshine