Soccer and the Beach

Mac just started his very first organized sport last Friday (sniff sniff - it begins)My baby just keeps growing and wanting to do "Big Boy" things. We found this program called Soccer Tots and signed him up. It was so fun to sit on the side lines and watch my little athlete run back and forth and follow directions given by someone other than mommy and daddy. Since it is so freaking hot here they get to play soccer indoors in the gym which is nice for the moms and dads! A/C and no grass stains! I didn't get any pictures last week but hopefully I can get a few this Friday when we go again.

Yeah! We finally made it to the beach this year! I was getting worried! We LOVE the beach! Well, McCoy and Mommy do and Daddy is coming around too! I think he would like it more if he didn't get a sunburn every time we go. :( It was the perfect beach day, a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze, a packed lunch and a big beach blanky to snooze on! The water was a gorgeous blue but that is about all I can tell you about it. It was waaayyyy to cold actually get into. We got in about up to our knees but for the most part we sat on the beach watching the out of town spring breakers frolic in the waves. Crazies! I need another month before I get in. :-)

Hopefully it will be warmer in the Keys! I am so stoked because I leave for my Mommy Get Away weekend on Friday! Wahoo! Me and a couple of my mommy friends are headed to the keys sans kiddos and daddy's....Just Mommas. We are going to get some much needed R&R on the warm beaches and can I just say "Room Service!" Oh I can't wait!


Julie said...

Sounds like Glade is like John. John gets a bad sunburn every summer. Last summer I told him I will not feel sorry for him anymore because there is such a thing as sunscreen!

Korbi said...

Have fun on your mommy weekend, jealousy over here in Washington!

My Little Sunshine