Birthday's and Babies

This weekend we attended a 31st birthday bash for a friend of ours and we had a wonderful time visiting and just watching our kids play. Many of the families there I have known since we moved here so it was nice to reminisce and see how far our kids have come and how big the younger siblings have gotten. The kids all range from 4 years old down to a couple months old. I got my baby fix and played with the little ones. McCoy has never wanted anything to do with babies and lately he just thinks they are the cutest thing. He was completly smitten with baby Jake here. McCoy and I really enjoyed playing with baby Jake's chunky little cheekies. I hope my next one is a cuddly bear just like this one.

We are loving babies right now...so long as we get to give them back. LOL. We have seen so many newborns lately, and I have been to so many showers it's crazy! Its like the year of the babies or something. LOL But I love getting to shop for and play with all the babies and see all the cute new baby stuff out there. I have even started another closet for the "future" Peterson Baby's wardrobe. ;-) NO I am not pregnant, but you never know how quickly "someday" will come along so I figured it best to be prepared. :-)

Emma Sitting!
McCoy and I got to Dog Sit for the first time this weekend and I have to say, that it was actually the funnest thing. Of course, if you know Glade and I you know that we are not really pet people, but this dog is pretty special. Emma is one of the best behaved animals I have ever seen and one of the best trained too. It was so easy to look after her and McCoy LOVED playing with her and taking her for walks. It just melted my heart to watch them interact. I just loved watching McCoy talk to and pal around with this funny little stumpy four legged friend. I hope her owners know that we are gonna stop by even more now to play with her! Also they have an absolutly adorable new baby girl and we just love baby Paisley too!

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Angie said...

Ok I just decided that your little McCoy has got to be the happiest little boy on earth! What a fun childhood he has! He will always have such wonderful memories to look back on when he becomes an adult! You are an awesome mom Amber!!!

My Little Sunshine