I am a sucker for any Holiday...Especially ones cenered around candy! Must be why Halloween is one of my favs too!

We had a great week sending and receiving Valentines. The week started off with a card from Grandma and Grandpa Peterson. McCoy is always so happy to get mail with his name on it. He looks forward to checking the mail every day. :)

And on Wednesday we got or Valentines Package from Nanna & Pops and Torrez Fam. My brother Steven gets me Chocolates Every Year! He is the absolute best. He never forgets my birthday and he always picks me the most thoughtful gifts at Christmas too. Thank you Big Brother and Thank you Nanna and Pops for McCoy's cookies and Chocolates. He loves Nanna's homeade sugar cookies. I am so glad they made the trip from Idaho!

Mac also had his little Valentines Party at school on Thursday and he came home so excited to read and reread his Valentines. It was soo cute. We had to miss the Valentines Party with our Play group and we were both so bummed. Come to find out Valentines Cards were not the only thing McCoy brought home from school! So since we had the sickness cooties we were home bound for the rest of the weekend but we still managed to have a nice simple Valentines. Saturday afternoon after daddy got home from work and I fisnished up all my housecleaning, the three of us sat down to a nice little festive Valentines Barbaque Dinner. We just kept it simple but it was fun. I found some cherry seven up that we drank out of goblets and put the side dishes in heart shaped bowls. McCoy made place cards for all for us and we decorated with hearts of cours. It was all just silly little extra stuff like that but we enjoyed it and it was great fun family time.

We even made a game of going around the table and talking about why we love one another. McCoy came up with some great answers...

McCoy: "I love daddy because he loves corn on the cob like me!" "I Love Daddy because it's funny when he is grouchy." "And I love Daddy because he plays Basketball and Xbox with me!"

These are some pics from McCoy's Valentines Card to his Daddy. I told Mac to pick one of his many costumes and we would make a picture card for daddy and he chose his Cunstruction stuff because as he said, "it is tough boy stuff like daddy!"

The card read: Tough and True Just Like You! Happy Valentines Day Daddy! This card was "Built" with LOVE!

After dinner we hit the gym and then it was off to an early bedtime for McCoy so mom and daddy could enjoy a nice quiet Valentines evening snuggling and watching a romantic comedy.

I love this Holiday!


Kellie said...

You are so creative! We miss you guys!

Bradbury Trio said...

What a wonderful LOVE day you had! You really are one creative chica and I owe you an email! You have no idea how much that made my day! :) You're great Amber, and your boys are so lucky to have YOU! I'm glad you had such a fun Valentines day and ate some chocolate...you could eat a whole box and still not gain an ounce! IT'S NOT FAIR!! :) XOXO

My Little Sunshine