The "Stink" Eye!!!

Last Sunday McCoy woke up and without even the slightest bit of concern in his voice he said, "Guys, I can't open my eye. Are you awake, can you look at my eye?" He didn't freak out or anything it was like no big deal. Of course Glade and I freaked. Our poor boys eye was all swollen up and glued shut. Well we threw him in a hot shower and let the water wash a lot of the goop away and then we washed him up. I asked him if his eye hurt or was itchy or scratchy and he said, Nope feels fine. Go figure. I took him in on Monday morning and before we even went his eye was looking better. He did however have and infection so he has been on drops all week. His other eye ended up getting infected too but we had the drops so it didn't last but a day. Glade and I were worried about Mac being contagious especially since we all sleep in the same bed, but the Doc was not worried at all. She assured us that if he wasn't "gooping" than he wasn't contagious. She even cleared him for school. We have been so lucky with McCoy. Even when he does get sick it doesn't last more than a day. He has always been a healthy guy and things just don't keep him down long. He heals quickly thank goodness and rarely ever complains. He is our little trooper. I felt so awful for him but you would never even have known something was wrong because he was still bouncing off the walls at a hundred miles an hour. LOL.

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