In his own words...

This is a post more for me so I can remember some of Macs fancy phrases but I hope you enjoy it too. Here are just some random catch phrases that Mac shoots out there often,

"Awww Fiddle Sticks" (When things don't go his way)
"Basnoodle" (He made this up and says it most when he is acting silly or when he wants to call someone a silly name he will say, "Nah nah You are A Basnoodle Head"
And my current favorite,"Lets Talk about this."

The great and bad thing about McCoy these days is that he always has an "idea" or another way to do something. He never takes a simple NO for an answer. You have to give him an explanation and even then he will usually try to come up with a way around your explanation. I hate to admit it but I spend a good portion of my day debating with a three year old!

This is usually how most conversations start..."Ok, I have an idea..."
Today while stuck in traffic on our way to a birthday party he said, "I have an idea, I wished I could carry the car and fly up up high in the sky and get past Walmart (our distance measurement, if we pass Walmart we have gone really far) and then fly to the party so we can be there already." I told him that he had a good idea and that it would be great if he could fly but he would have to be super strong to carry a car and fly to which he replied, "Then lets go home and get my Superhero Costume then."

The other day he wanted to go to Toy's R Us and it was closed so he said, "I have an idea, we can dig a whole by the door and go under the ground and up in the store and see the toys." (said the future felon.LOL)

I love that he is so "innovative" (LOL), but the best part is that he doesnt really argue or fight with us, he just knows what he wants and he will give us reasons why he wants it and how we can get it for him. It does make it hard to tell him no sometimes. Sometimes I wish he would cry and scream so then I could say "well if your gonna act like that than NO you can't have it." But when he looks at me with those big eyes and says, "Mom, can I have Geo Tracks because I got lots of green stars and no red stars on my school sheet. (They are graded on behavior everday and Green stars mean good behavior). I told him if he continues to do good at school maybe Santa will bring it to him for Christmas to which he replied, "But I don't want Santa to bring it. What if he is scarry. I have an idea, you can get it for me K cuz tracks make me happy." Whats a momma to do...

And this was just such a cute descriptive moment I had to blog it.

McCoy had a headache the other day and this is how he told me.
"Mommy my head hurts, I think I swallowed some boxers and they are boxing and pounding in my head."


Angie said...

Oh my heck he is a cutie!!! And how can you resist when they are so well behaved?!?! In the back of my journal I have like 20 pages dedicated to writing down all the cute things that my girls say that I don't want to forget!

Shay and Kira said...

i love reading the funny things McCoy says!!! So i loved the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. I laughed so hard cuz i just watched that omovie again last night.

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