Yup its true! We are expecting Baby number 3 in March! Our little foursome is pretty excited to be a fivesome! When we told the kids McCoy said, "Cool, I can dig that!" The next day he told a friend of mine that he hopes we have a girl because if she is anything like Bentley she will be an easy baby, and he knows girls are easier. LOL.

When we told Bentley there was a baby growing in Mommy's belly she quickly pounced on me and lifted up my shirt to try to see for herself. She was pretty excited. She is really into playing baby dolls right now, she loves to pack around her babies and feed them and push them in the stroller. We just hope she will love the new baby as much as she loves her dollies.

I am very excited and nervous of course.  The worries have come back in full force, but I know I just have to relax and let nature do its thing. I pray everynight for the safety of the baby and this pregnancy. I have been feeling pretty crummy this time around again also. All day nausea and extreme exaustion, but still not as bad as the last time so Im trying to be positive. No telling yet whether its a boy or girl and we really have no preference this time around. We are excited at the idea of either, just hoping the next couple of months go smoothly! We got a long 7 months ahead.

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