Meeting thew newest little Idaho Tator Tot

We left on a Saturday morning bright and early, kissed daddy and bubba goodbye and jumped on our flight to start our journey to Idaho. I was nervous about how the princess would do on the flight but she handled it like a champ. She is such a wiggler and squirmer that I was prepared for the worst since we would be sharing a seat but thanks to a little innovative toy ideas and Dora on the I-Phone, she flew like a pro.

I packed a bunch of Dollar Store animals, crayons, play dough, Lego's and books for those long plane and car rides. But the best thing I packed was a cookie sheet! The cookie sheet served as our personal tray and to keep her toys and crayons from falling on the floor, and then we also didn't need to use the plane tray. You know the one attached to the seat in front of you. I hate when I have a kid behind me who is always messing with the tray and pulling on it or pushing on it. I actually had a flight attendant ask me if she could blog about the cookie sheet LOL. She said in all her years of being a stewardess that she had never seen that. I wish I had done this when McCoy was younger too. I totally would have painted it like a race track or something so he would have had something to drive his toy cars on instead of the people sitting next to us.

We were greeted in Utah by Grandma and Grandpa Peterson who escorted us to one of my wonderful sister in-laws houses so we could rest a bit before heading to a family get together. It must be said that as far as in-laws go, I have the BEST! It was so nice to see everybody and see the kids. Even though we were just there in January they all have seem to grow soo sooo much. It amazes me every time I see them. I love hearing their stories and about how they are all doing in school and sports. We really have a wonderful and talented bunch of Peterson kiddos!
Ok, about the feet in the grass in picture...I find it funny who most people wanna walk barefoot in the sand....I just wanna run barefoot through Idaho grass! Florida's got some nasty grass going on in most areas so whenever I get a chance when I'm back in Idaho i kick off my shoes just to feel the cool soft grass on my feet! :)

We spent the night in Utah and then it was off to Idaho the next morning, I was so eager to hold my new niece I could hardly stand it. The greatest feeling is when you have these really high expectations of how something is going to go and then the real thing is even GREATER!

From the moment heard my baby brother was going to have a baby I was so thrilled and couldn't wait for her to be born and then when I saw her picture for the first time I cried because she was just so beautiful and because I couldn't even explain it but I loved her so so much even though I had never met her. But finally getting to hold her and hear her coo and even cry...ah, my heart gets all mushy just thinking about her. I am so excited to be her Auntie and I hope she will always know that even though I am far away, I love her so much. It's still surreal to me that my baby brother has a baby of his own now. I love my bro so much and am so excited for him to start this new chapter in his life.

Bentley and I had so much fun during our trip just playing with the baby and visiting with everybody we could. As usual the time flew by and we didn't get to see everybody that we wanted, there is just never enough time to see em all. :(  But we had an absolutely wonderful time with those we did see. I'm so grateful for all my family. I love you all mucho mucho!

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It is fun to share the joys and trials of parenthood with your siblings.

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