What do you do on the first cool day of fall....

...we go to the park! OK, I know most of you reading this are getting ready for or are all ready experiencing winter weather, but today here in the sunshine state we had our first cool/cold day of fall. It was 65 degrees mid morning so we hit the park. (During summer it is simply absurd to to play at the park because... well you will MELT!)
This was the first thing McCoy said after stepping out the back door to check the weather..."Boy it's really cold out there...I better find my beanie!" So we bundled up and ventured outside. Bentley giggled every time the breeze came by.
We hit Tiger Shark Cove park which McCoy calls Shark Park. My little social butterfly immediately made two new friends as is his usual protocol for anytime we are out and about so Bentley and I had a little fun on the swings. This was her first time swinging and she LOVED it! It was so fun to watch her giggle and get scared and excited at the same time. Had so much fun with my babies today. I have the best kids ever!


Julie said...

Wow - I can't believe how big she is getting! What a cutie.

SAYDA said...

Love the pictures. She sure has your big eyes Amber.

My Little Sunshine