Back and hitting the ground running...

We are finally back from our yearly Idaho Trip! We have such a wonderful time while we were there but you know what they say - there is no place like home! We got back midnight Monday night and then McCoy started school Tuesday. Pre K M-F every afternoon. The darn little stinker "Bodders" me constantly when we are home but as soon as he is gone I miss him like crazy. So far the new schedule works great for us though. He is not an early riser so it was hard last year to fight with him every morning to wake up for school so this year he gets to sleep in and have the whole morning to prepare.

We had the second baby appointment for future little brother or sister yesterday. We got to hear the heartbeat and did some blood work. Everything sounds good. I thought we were going to have the ultrasound too but there was a mix up and it didn't get scheduled so next month will be the first ultrasound and we can't wait to see our baby. Glade and McCoy even came to the hospital in hopes to see the baby but I guess they will just have to come with me next month too. Can't wait to post his/her first picture! I am still feeling pretty puky but luckily the all day nausea subsided before my trip. Now I just get a sudden upturned stomach and heave and go. I know it sounds pretty gross but I have become a master of the Puke & Play. I never know where I will be or what I will be doing so I carry a zip lock bag everywhere and have become a HUGE fan of the Colgate Wisps and never leave home with out them. That bitter binge bug has hit me at restaurants, grocery stores, parking lots, parade's (You better send it to me or delete that picture Sarah), even while driving. Luckily it is just second nature now. I take a minute and then I'm back doing whatever I was doing. In a weird way it is like I have never been pregnant before because I never had these symptoms (as unpleasant as they are) with McCoy so it is all new to me. Its like I get to be pregnant for the first time (again LOL).

As things settle down around here I will try to get some pictures posted of our fun trip. We are already missing all the fam like crazy and can't wait to go back next year with baby!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! I didn't know you are preggo, I guess that's what I get for not checking blogs all the time!
Good-luck with the sickies and I hope you don't have them for too much longer!

Julie said...

It was so great to have you here. You looked so cute, even when you were sick. Not fun. I've been sick with all three of mine. Glad we had some time to chat and have Jack and Jacee play with Mac. Good luck!

My Little Sunshine