Well I’ve finally hit fifty posts on the old blog here. I feel like I just started this thing yesterday. I started it for my family and have just had a blast being discovered by and discovering old friends and hearing from family so far away. Since this is the big 50 I have decided to share a bit about myself with you and post 50 things you may not know about me. Here it goes…

1. I love to sing! I am tone-deaf but I belt my heart out everyday in the car and love it!
2. I am a night owl. Nigh time is so quiet and peaceful.
3. I can’t go to sleep until I toss and squirm a bit and find that perfect comfy spot.(This drives Glade Crazy!)
4. My 2nd toe on both feet is larger than my big toe.
5. I can put my feet behind my head
6. I love to make breakfast!
7. I took a college Guitar 101 class & passed with an A but still can’t play a whole song.
8. I like to scrapbook but have yet to fully complete an album.
9. I take way to many pictures of EVERYTHING
10. I once had a beautiful blue pet Betta FISH named BIRD.
11. Skydiving is on my list of life long goals.
12. I’ve been to Canada & Mexico. I’ve been up and down the west coast, Alaska is furthest North I’ve gone, Florida is the furthest East I’ve gone, and Key West is the farthest South I’ve gone as far as the continental U.S. goes.
13. I went scuba diving once in Mexico and almost had a panic attack.
14. I make some freaking Awesome Nachos with the works and we eat them at least once a week.
15. I think beef is the best kind of meat! Beef, its what for dinner!
16. At one point in my life I had seven piercing.
17. I have big beautiful brown eyes. But if you have ever met me you already know that. LOL! Just kidding. I had to get this in here for my hubby!
18. My favorite kind of ice cream is soft serve vanilla in a kiddy cone.
19. I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up.
20. I like to have pancakes for dinner!
21. I still jump on my bed, jump of the furniture and sit on the arm of my sofa.
22. I am afraid of lizards, I’m terrified of cats, and still scarred of the dark.
23. I can’t leave the house without *chapstick * toy cars for McCoy * hair ties *my camera * cell phone even though I rarely answer it * wet wipes * ID and a credit card
24. I love all kinds of music
25. I don’t have one sweet tooth…I have a mouth full of Sweet Teeth! I could eat sugar all day long and often do! My teeth have paid dearly for my indulgences.
26. I started a Bunko group even though I had never played before.
27. I don’t know how to swim!
28. My middle name is Marie
29. My first car was a monster truck that we called “The Beast.” It was Awesome!
30. I am barely learning how to cook.
31. I still think my dad is a superhero.
32. I celebrate my ½ birthday on October 9th.
33. I prefer Mt. Dew out of a can and Dr. Pepper out of a fountain.
34. Taco Bandito is and probably always will be my favorite fast food place to eat.
35. I can name every car that appears in the “Cars Movie”
36. I think George Clooney is a babe even though he is like 30 years older than me.
37. My baby boy (of 2 1/2 ) still sleeps with us and even though Glade and I grumble about it, deep down we wouldn’t have it any other way.
38. I hate the word panties. It just doesn’t sound right to me.
39. I have only had two sunburns my entire life.
40. Pink is m favorite color and some day I want a totally hot pink room somewhere in my house!
41. I play Guitar Hero at least twice a week.
42. I did stand up comedy for a talent competition once and got 1st place.
43. I could eat a whole jar of pickle chips as if they were regular chips
44. I don’t own an alarm clock. I just wake up when I need to or when Mac wakes me.
45. I always love chocolate & soda but when I NEED chocolate I go for a Snickers and Dr Pepper or a Hershey’s with Almonds and a Cherry Coke!
46. The only bone I’ve ever broken is my tail-bone.
47. I hate hate hate feet. Always have they freak me out and disgust me.
48. I’m very uncomfortable around animals in the home. I can barely sit still when I’m at someone’s house that has more than two pets. It just makes me edgy like I think the animals are going to turn on us and scratch me or bite me. (This mostly applies to cats. One is ok but more than that and you have an army and that freaks me out!)
49. I like to read before I go to bed. (sometimes this actually keeps me from sleeping)
50. Right now the thing that makes me most happy in this world is my little Rockstar when he tells me “Tank You mommy for Kisses, I lub You too,” and my handsome hubby when he follows me upstairs at night even though I know he is not the least bit sleepy and he kisses me on the forehead tells me to “Sleep Good and Have Good Dreams,” and then rubs my back till I feel sleepy! Basically knowing I am loved by my guys is the best feeling ever!


sarakorbi said...

i love your 50 things.... you forgot
1. you eat lemons like they're candy
2. your nickname at one time was "satan sista"
3. in high school it was perfectly comfortable to sleep on the bleachers in between volleyball games
4. at one time you made up a humorous original with a VERY GOOD FRIEND on the bus ride to a drama competition in which you spoke like 3 year old and won
1st or 2nd, I don't remember? :)

Kellie said...

I think chocolate runs in our blood! It must be a Rodriguez thing :)

Mastrude Family said...

I love that McCoy still sleeps with you. Talon sleeps with us still and I always feel like I am doing him a disservice, but I love it.
So this brought back some memories! I tell people the story of Bird jumping down the drain when you were cleaning his tank all the time!

steph said...

Isn't a broken tailbone one of the most painful things? Mine is still crooked. I sure that was more than you needed to know. It was fun learning those things about you. I think it is about time to come visit Sarah for more pictures, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting... I think my favorite is #50!

Bradbury Trio said...

HAPPY 50TH POST!! This was so fun to read and learn so much more about you! You're so creative and fun! I wish I could come play Bunko with you girls! I'm totally going to start one here--so you'll have to give me a list of do's and don't for the first time! :) Love ya Amber!

Bryce Cranney said...

Glade, long time buddy. How are things? Where are you located now? My wife and I are living in the Boston area and enjoying all that New England has to offer. Check out the blog http://cranneyscorner.blogspot.com/

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